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Butterfly Windsock | Durable Outdoor Hanging Decoration | 60-Inch


  • This Madrona Brands Butterfly Windsock is a beautiful way to add movement and color to your outdoor decor. It will bring a smile to your face with it’s beautiful design and vibrant colors. The wind will bring the tails to life as it dances in the breeze.
  • This windsock is 60 inches long and made of high-quality polyester fabric and sewn tail edges that are weather and sun resistant for longer lasting enjoyment in the wind. It portrays a flutter of butterflies rising into the sky.
  • Hang anytime of year to brighten up your outdoor spaces. Great for those that want to decorate their garden, deck, patio, or anywhere around you home or place of business. Makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys butterflies.
  • Ready to hang upon arrival with no assembly required. Includes a strong metal, swivel hanging clasp that allows it to spin freely and collapses down to easily store away flat when needed.
  • Enjoy watching nature in motion with this Butterfly Windsock.

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Madrona Brands Butterfly Windsock makes decorating your outside spaces a breeze. At 60 inches long and made of high-quality polyester fabric and sewn edges this windsock will last you for years of outdoor fun. Hanging this windsock is easy with the included metal swivel clasp. This windsock flows beautifully in the breeze and makes for a great outdoor decoration.

★ Quality Material: Made of high-quality polyester fabric and sewn edges with a hoop built-in at the top to maintain the full shape.
★ Hang Anywhere: These windsocks can easily be hung from just about anywhere with the included swivel clasp, even places a traditional flag might not fit. No pole or extra brackets required.
★ Classic Decoration: Fly year after year around your home, festivals, businesses and more.

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